Looking for the rainbow in every storm
Published on September 8, 2009 By HappyMichelle In Poetry

The Search for Happiness

Happiness is like a beautiful butterfly

The more you chase it, it soars high

But leave it alone, and sit down at peace

It will settle near, and then grasp it with ease

Happiness is like a delightful rainbow

With a spectrum of hues, it does glow

It adds the shades of color to a day long

And fills life with tinges of rhyme and song

Happiness is like a candle bright

Its flame brightens the shadowy night

Its radiance spreads the rays of cheer

Its sparkle ends the darkness of fear

Happiness is in moments, big and small

Happiness comes from within above all

In a word, a thought, a deed, or a smile

Happiness makes living feel worthwhile

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