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October 11, 2009 by HappyMichelle
The latest directory of job titles from Occupational Information Network (O*Net) features a variety of new entries that many people have never heard before.

Some of these jobs -- at least the duties -- have been around in some form for a while. What's new is a "professional pathway" for these careers, according to employment expert and author Laurence Shatkin. "O*Net officially recognizes job titles once there is a critical mass of workers in those jobs and a clear road map for attaining the...
October 11, 2009 by HappyMichelle
You will wake up one day from that self imposed breakup trance and discover that it was all a big joke - Oh the self imposed boundaries - You will laugh out loud at yourself, for being so silly to have allowed yourself to wallow in those emotions of a break up for so long. I know... right now you are devastated emotionally. Probably plunged in to a financial crisis, dealing with custodial issues of children or dependants, undergoing drastic changes in your life style and dealing with the pain al...
October 10, 2009 by HappyMichelle
Want to lose weight as you chow down? Your wish is granted! (I promise, this is no fairy tale.) Your supermarket is filled with foods that studies show have lipid-melting powers to help melt fat and keep you slim. Stock up on these fat-fighting super bites, and you'll be trimmer even as you indulge. Read on to discover the eight foods that deserve a permanent spot in your fridge—and in your diet!Almonds These yummy nuts are high in alpha-linolenic acid, which can accelerate your metabolism...
October 9, 2009 by HappyMichelle
No matter your resume and talents, if you mess up a job interview you won't get that position. In today's tough economy you need every possible edge. As authors of the new book, "I Hate People! Kick Loose from the Overbearing and Underhanded Jerks at Work and Get What you Want Out of Your Job," we see it as a simple equation: You want to be liked -- not hated.Here are 10 simple things to do that will dramatically increase your chances: from wearing the right expression, to knowing what not to sa...
September 19, 2009 by HappyMichelle
2009-09-18 14:42:39.0Water Cube turns pink to raise breast cancer awarenessbreast cancer,pink ribbon,Water Cube,picture story1159409Picture Story2@lt/enpproperty-->It's hard, from within the storm of every day life, to see things with real perspective, to know what's important and what's simply pressing on our consciousness right now, demanding attention.

We have people emailing us for information and requesting action, we have phone calls and visitors and a long to-do list and a million chor...
September 16, 2009 by HappyMichelle
Life is A Journey 人生如旅 Written by Jack London     


         From the hell to the heaven,
         There’s no straight way to walk.
         Sometimes up, sometimes down.
         Hope creates a heaven for us,
         Despair makes a hell for us.
September 14, 2009 by HappyMichelle
These 10 habits of highly successful women range from maintaining your hormonal balance to letting go of the past -- and they will positively affect your mind, body, and soul.First, check out this quotation from writer Anais Nin:“Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the action stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.”Taking action is a crucial habit of successful women…and so is dreaming! Don't let go of your passions...1. Ma...
September 13, 2009 by HappyMichelle
From my perspective, once you enter into the realm of marriage, building and maintaining a successful marriage is actually a big part of personal and financial success. A solid marriage not only results in people sharing resources together, but a marriage also provides a lot of emotional support, cheerleading, and encouragement to succeed

What follows are twelve little things I do quite regularly in my marriage. Please, use as many of these as seem reasonable.

I tell my wife I love her...
September 12, 2009 by HappyMichelle
Bush, Arnie top English gobbledegook poll   Former US president George W. Bush topped a poll of the worst examples of mangled English released Wednesday, followed closely by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Rumsfeld (Agencies). French footballer-cum-philospher Eric Cantona and former US president Bill Clinton also produced prime examples of gobbledegook, according to the online poll of 4,000 people inspired by the Plain English Campaign. Notoriously language-challenged Bushromped to the top...
September 8, 2009 by HappyMichelle
The Search for HappinessHappiness is like a beautiful butterfly

The more you chase it, it soars high

But leave it alone, and sit down at peace

It will settle near, and then grasp it with ease

Happiness is like a delightful rainbow

With a spectrum of hues, it does glow

It adds the shades of color to a day long

And fills life with tinges of rhyme and song

Happiness is like a candle bright

Its flame brightens the shadowy night

Its radiance spreads the rays of cheer...
September 7, 2009 by HappyMichelle
The truth about money and happinessIt is an oft repeated axiom that money cannot buy happiness. While this is certainly true, poverty will not buy Happiness either. Some people become very wealthy, yet struggle to enjoy their lives. On the other hand, others manage to go through life with very few money problems simply because they are able to make the most of what they have.

Ideally you should try to combine both prosperity and Happiness. To do this I recommend the following steps:1. Learn t...